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England in the 18th century.

Unbeknown to May, the moment she opened the door to the forbidden room she had broken the seal on a tightly bound web of deceit, causing it to slowly unravel. Her mind conjured up many things but nothing could prepare her for the discovery of Natalia!

Natalia's very existence is threatened and her only chance of survival is an old gypsy woman but to find her she must embark on a dangerous journey through the deep woods.

Natalia discovers the people of the forest are like no other she has seen before, especially the handsome Besnik, but he as the others show a great hatred at the mere mention of her name; one which is blamed for a terrible curse.

Once again Natalia must embark on a dangerous journey; she must find her true parents and the answers they hold. Her only hope of finding them is through the aid of a young gypsy boy who possesses a special gift.

As the web of deceit finally unravels, Natalia uncovers a shocking secret, one which was never to be revealed.

Will Besnik come to her rescue; or can he not forget who she really is?

The Bloodstone Key

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